Rosa, meet Enricho

"May the strength of the past reflect in your future."

2 June
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In a land far away, way too long ago I emerged crystal clear and pure from the womb of the mother's rock...well yeah pure for a few seconds at least. Through the years of boredom, mistakes and apathy I have emerged a triumphant, sarcastic, semi level-headed, judgmental twit with an overbearing sense of reality and occasional matricidal tendencies. Seems to get me into trouble sometimes....I have a penchant for being indecisive, am joyfully subversive, and yes I am a full out bitch (and marginally ethnocentric). But I am nice to you if I know you AND like you,unless of course you enjoy the daily beatings and tortuous activities that ensue..and then you will have full access to my enticingly sarcastic wit. As for the rest come and see it has yet to be written.

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